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Magic Slim and The Teardrops Born On a Bad Sign [Vol 1] Let Me Love You[Vol 2](blues)([email protected])[rogercc][h33t]
SEED: 15
AGE: 3 years
SIZE: 287.4 MB
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idope - torrent
Listed files total 23 files
idope - torrent
Born On A Bad Sign - Vol.1/01. Going Down Slow.mp3
17.0 MB
Born On A Bad Sign - Vol.1/02. Born On A Bad Sign.mp3
16.3 MB
Born On A Bad Sign - Vol.1/03. Born In Missouri.mp3
15.6 MB
Born On A Bad Sign - Vol.1/04. Slim's Bump.mp3
9.3 MB
Born On A Bad Sign - Vol.1/05. Buddy Buddy Friend.mp3
10.5 MB
Born On A Bad Sign - Vol.1/06. Born Down The Bridge.mp3
15.2 MB
Born On A Bad Sign - Vol.1/07. Rock Me Baby.mp3
11.7 MB
Born On A Bad Sign - Vol.1/08. Tell Me Baby.mp3
6.8 MB
Born On A Bad Sign - Vol.1/09. You Upset Me Baby.mp3
8.8 MB
Born On A Bad Sign - Vol.1/10. Jumpin' At Ma Bea's.mp3
11.4 MB
Born On A Bad Sign - Vol.1/11. I Don't Got Over.mp3
12.5 MB
Born On A Bad Sign - Vol.1/12. Tramp.mp3
14.0 MB
Let Me Love You - Vol.2/01-That's All Right.mp3
13.6 MB
Let Me Love You - Vol.2/02-Josephine's.mp3
11.3 MB
Let Me Love You - Vol.2/03-As The Years Go Passing By.mp3
14.0 MB
Let Me Love You - Vol.2/04-Everything Gonna Be Alright.mp3
11.8 MB
Let Me Love You - Vol.2/05-Let Me Love You.mp3
14.4 MB
Let Me Love You - Vol.2/06-The Things I Used To Do.mp3
17.6 MB
Let Me Love You - Vol.2/07-That Ain't Right.mp3
9.5 MB
Let Me Love You - Vol.2/08-Honest I Do.mp3
8.6 MB
Let Me Love You - Vol.2/09-Nineteen Years Old.mp3
15.2 MB
Let Me Love You - Vol.2/10-Mary Lou.mp3
13.0 MB
Let Me Love You - Vol.2/11-Please Love Me.mp3
9.3 MB

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